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  1. Risk Factors for Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in Children

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    Recurrent UTIs in children with neurogenic bladders constitute high risk of leading to severe kidney damage and need to be an area of attention. This study is useful in determining treatments and proactive measures for preventing recurrent UTIs.

  2. Women with Chronic Constipation Have More Bothersome Urogenital Symptoms

    Ortega et al conducted this retrospective study at a pelvic floor disorder center to evaluate the impact of constipation on urogenital symptoms in women. Bowel problems in women are hypothesized to be associated with the presence and severity of urogenital symptoms and linked to pelvic floor dysfunction.

  3. Navina Smart Data

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    Navina™ Smart Data - for Healthcare Professionals is a unique source of information providing knowledge in the field of transanal irrigation.

  4. Paediatric Study with Navina Irrigation System

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    In this science article a combined retrospective and cross-sectional survey study investigates chronic idiopathic constipation in children and bowel regimen with bowel irrigation, also called transanal irrigation (TAI).

  5. What You Should Know About Autonomic Dysreflexia

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    Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) is an episodic uncontrolled elevation of systolic blood pressure sometimes accompanied by bradycardia. If not managed it can lead to cerebral and spinal hemorrhage, seizures and pulmonary edema.

  6. Scientific Review of No-Touch Catheter  Technique

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    Introduction of a no-touch catheter/technique for intermittent catheterisation seems to be well accepted both by caregivers and patients and it is not necessarily associated with higher costs.

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