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For convenience, articles are collected to access in-depth knowledge on important topics of bladder and bowel care.

How to teach intermittent catheterisation

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Learn about the function of the bladder, the anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract and get treatment options for incomplete bladder emptying.

Getting started with transanal irrigation

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Taking you from the basics right through to understanding how the procedure works. The aim here is to help equip you with the knowledge required to support colleagues or patients with this therapy.

Urinary Tract Infections

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Develop your knowledge on the common causes, symptoms, stages of UTI development, new research considerations for urinary health and disease through to best bladder management for UTI prevention.

Not all catheters are the same

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Increase your understanding with this short course about the importance of choosing the right catheter for intermittent catheterization in the long term.

Bladder and bowel dysfunction in MS

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This course covers how MS can affect bladder and bowel dysfunction and aims to provide you with knowledge and expert opinion on how to manage bladder and bowel care in MS.